SimCity 3000 Unlimited

SimCity 3000 Unlimited 2.0

A fun city construction simulation game for all ages!

SimCity 3000 as its previous versions is a site construction simulation game, to be exact the third of the series. Published by Electronic Arts but developed by Maxis. Is a fun game in which the objective is to build a city and solve the situations and issues that this concern.

New elements appeared in this version, such as agricultural zones, waste management and power blackouts among others. Business now can be performed with the neighbor cities. This is a bigger challenge because the player will have to figure out how to master the system following the rules, building strategies and achieving a good management of the city in order to continue.

Build, design, manage and maintain the city of your dreams based on city planning and management; considering factors such as influencing land value, human factors, dealing with disasters, unemployment, crime and pollution.

Additionally the player is able to create and control unlimited number of cities, as long as it can provide places to live, work, shop and play. This game was released for Windows, Macintosh and even Linux, making it an excellent choice for everybody.

This game has been discontinued and also its support, due to newer versions available.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Build cities
  • Develop strategies
  • Unlimited construction
  • Good graphics


  • Graphics bugs
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